Top 10 Fantasies

Circus of Men touches on the top 10 female fantasies of all time, with our shows embracing the theme of the office place, as we know this is a hot bed
of sexual passion and fantasy! As you can imagine, rehearsals for the show got VERY hot as the performers experimented and worked with chains, ties,
whips, bananas, blindfolds, rope and of course, the obligatory watermelon.

‘Ask Men’ had their own top 10, but let us know if you agree on our Facebook page Here’s what THEY say ­ but what do YOU say?

10. Domination (Her Dominating You)
9. Domination (You Dominating Her)
8. Teacher/Student
7. Sex With A Stranger
6. Threesome With Another Woman
5. Threesome With Two Men
4. Voyeurism
3. Force Fantasies
2. Exhibitionism
1. Private Dancer