“The feedback from the previous show was excellent. All the girls loved it! 🙂 Thank you!”

Adventurers Group

“If you are looking for a great night out with the girls (or guys!), Circus of Men is the ideal London West End show! Sexy, erotic, cheeky and in your face, the Circus of Men give you a night to remember for a very long time! Loads of audience participation, the guys are amazing looking, very sexy and of course, exceptionally skilled – what a night!”

Dance Party Experience

“The event seems very nearly sold out and, while the majority of faces are female, as expected, there is a good male contingent as well. Many of the performers, particularly Sir Leopold Aleksander, pull off great innuendo-laden banter with the guys and girls equally”

This is Cabaret

“I will admit to my doubts before seeing the show, based on the frankly sexist publicity (tickets initially for Ladies Only?!)  Luckily, I was pleased to discover a more astute awareness of sexual politics than the promotional material let on.  “Circus Of Men” is, I think, a misnomer.  This is a Circus Of Women.  Women’s desires, women’s liberation from the patriarchal gaze, women’s freedom to embrace their sexual nature.  We don’t mind if men join us, but it’s on our terms please.

Far from the brainless voyeurism I had expected, I leave Circus of Men feeling emancipated”

The Circus Diaries

“Stimulating, exhilarating and liberating, Circus of Men is a sensual encounter that, unlike some, certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Slip into something slinky and enjoy a guilt-free night of surprisingly skillful adult entertainment.

Caviar PR

“One of the best nights we have had at the Hippodrome, the atmosphere was electric and the crowds really had fun! Great feedback and instant demand for the next dates to be announced.