It’s official! Circus of Men will be performing at the London Tattoo Convention in September 2016!

13415398_10153802843731461_8180476810048466642_oLondon’s most erotic, sexual and dynamic all male show, featuring the UK’s most spectacular and jaw dropping male performers. From cute ‘boy next door’ to all out, dirty, tattooed cover-guys, Circus of Men accommodates an audience with extraordinary taste and class and rockets the male ‘cabaret’ show concept into a new and refreshingly modern dimension!

Circus of Men is a show for an intelligent and stylish audience, steering away from the traditional ‘beefcake’ strip show. But being intelligent and stylish doesn’t mean you don’t want to see hot, semi-naked, dirty and interactive performances by men who’s looks and sexuality will make your eyes water!

These boys can be good. But when they are bad, they are very bad!

The Circus of Men performers at London Tattoo Convention 2016 include:

  • Australian tattooed hunk Ari Levanael, who will be showing off his skills and strength on the silks – high over your heads and with enough danger to get your blood pumping!
  • Shows from hot, tattooed red head Jake Hold, who’ strip tease show includes a python… yes a python ladies, you heard that right – and apparently it IS a long one 😉 
  • Jonny Grim is bringing the heat, with his flamethrower, fire and sparks. So yes, sparks WILL fly – just make sure you’re close enough for them to fly in your direction! 
  • Columbian cutie Felipe Reyes, an international hand balancing and aerial artist who’s colourful and skilled performances have a sexy Latin flair! 
The Circus of Men are performing at peak times every day at London Tattoo Convention 2016. Get to the front of the stage and get your voices warned up to shout and holler at the gorgeous, talented and all-out dirty CIRCUS OF MEN..

Top 10 Fantasies

Circus of Men touches on the top 10 female fantasies of all time, with our shows embracing the theme of the office place, as we know this is a hot bed
of sexual passion and fantasy! As you can imagine, rehearsals for the show got VERY hot as the performers experimented and worked with chains, ties,
whips, bananas, blindfolds, rope and of course, the obligatory watermelon.

‘Ask Men’ had their own top 10, but let us know if you agree on our Facebook page Here’s what THEY say ­ but what do YOU say?

10. Domination (Her Dominating You)
9. Domination (You Dominating Her)
8. Teacher/Student
7. Sex With A Stranger
6. Threesome With Another Woman
5. Threesome With Two Men
4. Voyeurism
3. Force Fantasies
2. Exhibitionism
1. Private Dancer

New Dates Announced

Circus of Men have just released their latest show dates for the Hippodrome Theatre, Leicester Square. You can see the show on September 29th and October 22nd 2014. Make sure you get tickets early as our shows sell out.

Tickets are available through

Circus of Men have discounts for group bookings of 6 or more. Please call the Hippodrome for more details of how to book.

Hippodrome Box Office – 0207 769 8888

Circus of Men Amazing reviews from their launch night

The Circus of Men launched at the Hippodrome Theatre in Leicester Square on the 3rd July to a completely sold out audience of rowdy ladies and gents. The night was more than we could have imagined with the hottest male performers and dancers coming together in an epic show of strength, skill and all out man power.

As you can read from the Circus Diaries reviews our initial ticket sales to Ladies Only did not go down well and we were really pleased to see a large male contingent in the audience, making lots of noise on the night. May there be many more to follow.

The Circus Diaries:

“I will admit to my doubts before seeing the show, based on the frankly sexist publicity (tickets initially for Ladies Only?!)  Luckily, I was pleased to discover a more astute awareness of sexual politics than the promotional material let on.  “Circus Of Men” is, I think, a misnomer.  This is a Circus Of Women.  Women’s desires, women’s liberation from the patriarchal gaze, women’s freedom to embrace their sexual nature.  We don’t mind if men join us, but it’s on our terms please.

Far from the brainless voyeurism I had expected, I leave Circus of Men feeling emancipated”