About the Show

Another hard day at the office?

Kick off your work shoes, unbutton your blouse and let the Circus of Men take you on a journey through the daily office grind, with our hard working secretary Miss Steele.

Let us show you what is under those suits and ties, as you explore your darkest, deepest, dirtiest fantasies ­from the work place to the bedroom.

Real men, with muscle, strength and skill, bring out your naughty side with performances including aerial, chinese pole, acro-dance, body balance and many more that captivate, titillate and turn you on!

Get your blindfolds ready and your vocal chords warmed up…

make some noise for the CIRCUS OF MEN!

“This is a Circus Of Women.  Women’s desires, women’s liberation from the patriarchal gaze, women’s freedom to embrace their sexual nature.  We don’t mind if men join us, but it’s on our terms please. Far from the brainless voyeurism I had expected, I leave Circus of Men feeling emancipated”

The Circus Diaries, 2014

Hand Balance