Circus of Men Amazing reviews from their launch night

The Circus of Men launched at the Hippodrome Theatre in Leicester Square on the 3rd July to a completely sold out audience of rowdy ladies and gents. The night was more than we could have imagined with the hottest male performers and dancers coming together in an epic show of strength, skill and all out man power.

As you can read from the Circus Diaries reviews our initial ticket sales to Ladies Only did not go down well and we were really pleased to see a large male contingent in the audience, making lots of noise on the night. May there be many more to follow.

The Circus Diaries:

“I will admit to my doubts before seeing the show, based on the frankly sexist publicity (tickets initially for Ladies Only?!)  Luckily, I was pleased to discover a more astute awareness of sexual politics than the promotional material let on.  “Circus Of Men” is, I think, a misnomer.  This is a Circus Of Women.  Women’s desires, women’s liberation from the patriarchal gaze, women’s freedom to embrace their sexual nature.  We don’t mind if men join us, but it’s on our terms please.

Far from the brainless voyeurism I had expected, I leave Circus of Men feeling emancipated”